Here is a place for expatriates in Japan.

As expatriates, we are one family. We moved out of the comfort of our motherland and now struggling to survive with a new culture, new environment, new people and new climate. Our motive to move to Japan may be different. We might have moved to Japan for work, or career, or adventure, or study, or for all of these things. Though from different countries we are on the same path in this journey; to make a comfort living in Japan.

We have left our beloveds, our land, our cultures, traditions, and everything we have ever known, and now struggling to make our own identity in Japan.

In this new land, everything seems new. At first, for most of us we didn’t know where to turn to, to whom we can approach……….perplexed at times we struggled to get the life move…… Expatriate Japan is committed to bring comfort and difference to your living in Japan.