Japanese Tea Ceremony and Reese Witherspoon

The Japanese tea ceremony is a great part of Japanese culture. It is known in Japanese as cha-no-yu. Japanese tea ceremony is a custom influenced by Zen Buddhism. In Tea ceremony, powdered green tea, or matcha 抹茶, is traditionally and ceremonially prepared by skilled practitioner and served to a small group of guests in a calm and cool atmosphere.

A tea practitioner is familiar with the production and types of tea, with kimono, calligraphy, flower arranging, ceramics, incense and a wide range of other disciplines and traditional arts in addition to his or her school’s tea practices. For this reason, the study of tea ceremony takes many years and often lasts a lifetime for many. Even to participate as a guest in a formal tea ceremony requires knowledge of sado, including the prescribed gestures and phrases expected of guests, and the proper way to take tea and sweets, and general deportment in the tea room.

On June 11, Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon took part in a Japanese tea ceremony, serving green tea for breast cancer survivors in Tokyo.
Watch this Video News from Reuters:

Wearing a traditional Japanese kimono, Witherspoon was taught the tea-making procedure in which powdered green tea, or matcha, is ceremonially prepared and served to others. The Legally Blonde star is an Avon Global Ambassador promoting women’s health and safety, a project supported by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).

She was visiting Japan to raise awareness of breast cancer and domestic violence. A study shows only 12% of Japanese women get regular screenings for breast cancer.

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