Komatsugawa – my new habitat in Japan

This is what I could take into my mobile camera, two pegions. There are a lot in this area of Komatsugawa Park. It was a fine autumn evening, I walked out of Higashi Ojima station to the nearby apartment named Komatsugawa Park Mansion. Some of the pegions flew to the trees when people started coming out of railway station.

Evenings are good in Komatsugawa. There are seating arrangement in the park. It is a common scene there people chatting with their friends, lovers make love and so on along with these pegions, the whole process makes Komatsugawa different from the busy Tokyo suburbs.

This is the building near to the Higashi Ojima station. It is just a one minute walk from the building. Starting from the room to the platform it may take two minutes, including waiting for the lift at the apartment. A fourteen storied apartment, Komatsugawa Park Mansion 2 is not a competitor for high rise buildings in Tokyo or even in the Komatsugawa area. There are 32 floor buildings just near to this apartments.

Komatsugawa is calm and quiet. The evenings are really enjoyable. Since I am living with Solitude at present, mostly I will be just walking around the apartment with her ! Solitude is the best companion ever a man can wed. There are poems on solitary reapers who enjoy singing in the lonliness.

The lonliness fill the nights with silence and the dreams are colorful with lot of friends and relatives. It is all dreams and we are the one who directs how it should be viewed! This is the building where I dream in lonliness. Its name is Komatsugawa Park Mansion. There is an ampm convenient store just dowh the apartment. It is really convenient to me and open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Varieties of Japanese food are available in this convenient store and on week ends I get my lunch and dinner from this store.

At the rearside, there is a bridge over the river. For me, that bridge goes to ‘Namaste India Foods’. This stationery stores own and run by a Japanese young man is a meeting point for the Indians living in Higashi Ojima and Komatsugawa area. Walking over the bridge itself will bring Indians passing through, many times recognizing by identifying through typical Indian physical figures and passing a smile on the face. This gives a sense of unity among Indians, Yes I recognized you!

‘Namaste India’ is exclusively for Indian food items. The main attraction is Basmati rice and the ready made, Ready to eat’ food items from MTR and Priya are also available, eventhough highly pirced. It is a relief for many bachelor Indians that these ready to eat foods they can buy far away from India also.

Other attraction of Namaste foods is Apa kabar card. This is an international calling card. This telephone card is sold at 2400 Yen. To India, I can call more than six hours through a Yahoo BB phone. If it is used in NTT public telephones in Tokyo, we can make a 4 hours call to India. Many other international telephone cards have less time compared to Apa Kabar card. I used to purchase this calling card from Namaste foods for my Indonesian and Thai friends, without taking any commission!

One of the primary reason for me to select Higashi Ojima – Komatsugawa are is that these locations have a high concentration of Indian population. And there are two Indian schools easily accessible from these places. One is at Mizue the Global Indian International School, GIIS. This is at Edogawa ward, I heard and the other one is at Morishita. India International School Japan, IISJ is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, India. For Indian students, the syllabus is one of the important concern. Their parents may have to go back to India after some years and continuing education in India should not be a trouble in such circumstances.

Morishita is accessible from Higashi Ojima within 8 minutes by Toei Shinjuku trains. Morishita is situated in Koto ward. Morishita is the transfer place to Toei Oedo lines for me to reach to the at Koto. Morishita also have a high concentration of Indian people in Tokyo.

When I get bored with internet and blogging, I will opt for an hour out on the river banks. The river bank will be a good place for us to relax. Komatsugawa has it all. Just 35 minutes from busy Tokyo, but this natural relaxing place provide cool breeze to the solitary minds.

Where these water goes ? It must be to Tokyo and then to the Pacific ocean. There is a buddhist philosophical thought that nothing is permanent in the world. Buddhists compare the life with a river. How can we call a river by a name? It is not reason to call a river by a name. A river is what we see with water. But water in a river always changes. Then how can we fix a name for something that always changes. Rivers can not assume name!

Going with the same philosophy, human beings can not be named, as the body is always in a state of change. The minute changes happens in the body which we are not aware in day to day life. New cells are getting formed and old one degenerates. When this process is going on, how can we name a person ?

Life is like a river! do not have a place to fix, do not have a name to attach, and really don’t know what we are! but only know that we are flowing!

But like rivers, life is beautiful with flowers on the life’s banks. In the course of flowing, we miss to notice them. Those flowers on the banks of river brings color to my solitude. My great meeting point for life and philosophy. The evenings I can ruminate old memories while walking on the river side. Still not missing the flowers.

We miss on this busy life many beauties of nature. They just manifest themselves and go from this earth, a life of two or three days, but still fragrant, still attracting bees. We, human beings don’t have time to enjoy all these natural beauties.

The little rocks on the banks, half immersed in the river water has many stories to tell. But is there anybody to hear them. They may be telling their stories to the flowers and the fishes in the river. The way they travelled from far away mountains, the hardships they experienced while rolling, and so on. rolling, rolling down to the country side their sharp edges has gone and became smooth. But we humans living, living to this age became sharper and sharper in our behavior! That is the difference between human beings and nature. Nautre is humble at its beauty and knowledge, while we pride and show ego at our possessions.

The rolled stones did not gather moss! but the ones stopped rolling got enough moss on them. What story they might be telling to flowers ? About the lost Samurai warriors? About the mysterious geisha beauties who might have shared their life stories with these stones? Or the U.S army invasion of Japan?

Not sure, but sharing my lonliness with the nature at Komatsugawa, I have been learning one of the world’s great heritage called Japanese culture.

The wooden stairs looks attractive and gives a village touch to the whole scenary. Walking up and down the stairs is play for many children. The river, the flowers, the wooden stairs, the bridge, the pegions, and the trees in Komatsugawa communicate with my lonely moments, to which my senses responds and to which I love to hear. The music of nature I could hear here in Komatsugawa, my new habitat in Japan!


Author: Jayaprakash

3 thoughts on “Komatsugawa – my new habitat in Japan

  1. The lonliness makes man think about the existence and philosophy. I could read a little bit of real life experience in Japan from your blog. Thanks for sharing and keep on writing.

    I have been reading your blog for the past four months. It is interesting and I shared your experiences with my friends too. Great work Jayaprakash.It is very rare foreigners have positive attitude towards Japan. You are one of them.

    Generally foreigners in Japan criticizes even for small disturbances too, which they might face even bigger problems at their own country. Generalization on odd incidents will portray Japan and its people’s attitude towards foreigners in a wrong manner to the rest of the world. I hope you are doing a fair amount of justice.

  2. In Japan, if Indian students follow CBSE syllabus, they have to go back elsewhere for higher education. Only two Indian schools are there in Tokyo till now.

    Education in Japanese schools is the cheapest, but not a viable solution for foreigners, who will not stay in Japan for many years due to many reasons. Japan is beautiful and the country is well disciplined and technologically advanced. Its citizens are also well mannered and respectful to people from other cultures.

    I worked in Riyadh for seven years. I have visited Jeddah once for official purpose. As you told, continued education for foreigners in Japan too is a trouble considering the medium of education and culture.

  3. I studied in an Indian International School in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. but one of the main reasons there was there was no system of becoming a permanent resident ever and there was no scope of entry into the higher education there.. is the same true for japan? Do most parents have to send their children elsewhere after high school for further education?

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