Manga Publications

Manga claims a share of 3.707 billion USD publication industry in 2007. Manga industry has expanded to other parts of the world with distribution companies license and reprint manga into their native languages.

When a series has been running for a while, the stories are usually collected together and printed in dedicated book-sized volumes, called tankōbon. These volumes use higher-quality paper, and are useful to those who want to catch up with a series so they can follow it in the magazines.

Manga are classified by the age and gender of the target audience. Books and

magazines sold to boys and girls have distinctive cover art and are placed on
different shelves in most bookstores.

Kissaten in Japanese is a coffee shop. Japan also has manga cafes known popularly in Japan as manga kissa. kissa is short of kissaten. At a manga kissa, people take coffee and read manga, sometimes stay overnight there.

There has been an increase in the amount of publications of webmanga and is intended for online viewing. It can be ordered in graphic novel form if available in print.


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  1. Have you ever read Japanese manga? In our mother tongue Malayalam, the word manga means "Mango". You already know it.

    Enjoy your stay in Japan

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