Ropeway trip from Nihondaira to Kunozan Toshogu Shrine

One of the possible options to reach at the Toshogu shrine dedicated to the Tokugawa Ieyasu, the great emperor of Japan, is to ride a bus from JR Shizuoka station to the Kunozan Yamashita. As the name indicates, Kunozan yamashita bus stop is at the bottom of the hill Kunozan. From the bottom of the hill, 1159 steps goes to the shrine at the top of the hill. That would have been more adventurous, but it might be a too difficult task for children. Moreover, the aerial ropeway ride would be more exciting to the children.

Frequency of buses are not so good from JR Shizuoka station to the Nihondaira hill top from where the ropeway starts. As per the instruction from the tourist information center located near to the ticket gate of JR Shinkansen line, we boarded the bus at 9:27 AM. The bus fare is 550 Yen per adult. The bus fare can be paid inside the bus before getting down. Even if you don’t know how to pay, the driver will help.

The bus journey takes around 35 minutes from JR Shizuoka station to the Nihondaira ropeway iriguchi (entrance station). There is a zoo in between JR Shizuoka station and Nihondaira hill top with approx. 800 varieties of animals. If time permits it is worth to get down and visit the zoo. We could see the entrance of Nihondaira gakuin university on the way to the hill. The road to the hill top is with many curves and zig-zag. Persons with trouble of vomiting during travel has to take care by keeping a towel or anti-vomit medications during the bus ride.

The aerial ropeway connects Nihondaira and Kunoszan hills. After reaching the Nihondaira hill top near to the ropeway iriguchi, we took a break for half an hour as we have started our journey at 7:00AM from home and 8:03AM from Tokyo by riding the JR Tokaido Shinkansen. There are some outlets that sells ice creams and cool drinks.

The view of sea shores and the forest from the top of the hill is a feast to the eyes. After having a refreshment for around 30 minutes, we took the ticket. There are options for ticket for ropeway and the shrine and museum individually and combined. We got a discount ticket for all the three attractions for 3300 Yen. One way ride to Kunozan costs 550 Yen per person. The entrance fee to the temple is 400 Yen per adult and the entrance fee to the museum is 250 Yen. The total, for two adults and one child for aerial ropeway roundtrip, shrine and museum visit was 3300 Yen.

The staff at the ticket office and the person in-charge for collecting the ticket at the ropeway entrance were kind enogh to allow us to keep the baby stroller at the office. They gave an identification tag for the stroller by writing my name on a piece of paper. They told it is a special permission for us. We thought, since we are foreigners we got a special consideration to keep the baby strollers at the ticketing office.

The rope way ride from Nihondaira to Kunozan Toshogu shrine and museum takes 5 minutes. Unlike the ropeway cars in Hakone, the Nihondaira ropeway car packs a group of people in one car. There are ropeway service at every 15 minutes. The steel ropes used for the construction of the ropeway is extremely strong and at the entrance of the ticket gate, samples of the steel ropes used are displayed in a glass box.

Miho beach can be seen during the trip. The lady crew explained the history of the mountains and the places that we could see from the ropeway. The announcement was in Japanese language. Children could enjoy the ropeway round trip.

When entered inside the ticketing office to take the baby stroller, we found three more baby strollers kept there! The staff give special considerations to all visitors coming with baby strollers it seems. Very nice people!

Author: Jayaprakash

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