The Exotic Beaches And The Warm Hospitality of Japanese People at Shimizu

It was around 3:00 PM when we reached at the JR Shimizu station JR Shimizu station is approximately ten minutes journey from JR Shizuoka station on the way towards Hamamatsu in the JR line and is the third station from JR Shizuoka.

We were little confused after coming out of the ticket gate on the exit that goes to Kashi no-chi market, which is a fish market. After trying to locate the road by ourselves, we decided to approach some one local standing in the bus stop. He guided us to the west exit of JR Shimizu station by coming with us so that he might have thought the foreigners should not waste time again from enjoying the scenic beauty of his place.

We got down through the elevator to the ground and walked 5 minutes to reach to the Kashi-no-uchi fish market. As per our plan made after researching on the internet, we were supposed to find a water-bus service behind the fish market. Since we could not find it by ourselves, we asked an old woman standing in front of the fish market. Since she was not sure of the timings of the water bus that goes from the behind of Kashi-no-uchi market to the S-Plus Dream plaza, she took us to an Ojii-san who was guiding the cars going and coming from the parking lot. After explain where we want to go and how, the Ojii-san told the old woman to stay at his place and told us to accompany him.

We could see a water-bus leaving the barbor just a few minutes ago when we reached there. The water-bus stop (Water bus noriba) behind the Kashi-no-uchi market is a small place that it is difficult to recognize it as a place of boarding. The frequency of service is also less. We need to wait 40 minutes for another boat. So Ojii-san advised us to catch a taxi or bus from there to go to the S-Plus Dream plaza. He showed me the number to be called for the taxi and when I dialed it in the mobile, he talked on behalf of me to tell the location where we stand. The taxi charge we paid to travel from Kashi-no-uchi market to the S-Pulse Dream Plaza was 800 Yen. The Ojii-san and Obaa-chaan helped us generously to locate the place and get there without loosing much time during our one day exploration of Shizuoka.

Children played in the amusement park and enjoyed the ferry wheel. We posed for a family photo at the entrance of ferry wheel, which costs 1000 Yen. There was an artificial beach where children and adults can enjoy playing in the water and the shells. After crossing the stadium, we could see some ferries and one passenger boat coming to the harbor. The driver of the passenger boat was a girl. I told her our intention to see Miho beach and asked the timings. As per her message we went there at 5:00PM. She helped us to get the ticket from the ticket vending machine.

We sat at the deck for a good view of the surrounding mountains and the sea. We could see Mount Fuji standing with all its might and nobility. We decided to get down at a nearby port after riding around 10 minutes, so that we can explore the village life of Shizuoka. Along with us one of the staff of the boat whose house is in the village, also got down. He had a bicycle with him, but he walked with us, talking with us about the life of India and the cultural similarities of Asian countries. He guided us how to reach to Miho Beach by walking from the port at which we decided to get down. While walking I insisted him that we can go alone and he does not need to waste his time for us. When we reached at the main road, he said good bye and we walked to the beach. The drizzling started and some of the residents told us to wait in front of their home till the water drops ceases. By walking on the streets, we could see the village life of Shizuoka.

The people were kind to smile and greet us. We felt as if we reached to a different land from the busy Tokyo, where nobody bothers who is sitting next to them. Shizuoka’s villages are totally different. All the people we met on the road were eagerly looking at us and children. It is some times fun to be an object of attraction.

We stopped for a while to buy cool drinks from a vending machine near to a fruits and vegetable shop. When we sat in the bench in front of the vending machine, one old woman came out of the shop and greeted us. She was keen to ask the Indian life and how we feel about Japan. Her son also came out and talked with us. When we were going back he came running behind us with a peach in his hand.

We returned from Shizuoka with memories of exotic panorama and warm hospitality of Japanese people. At least for us, this trip to Shizuoka proved wrong that the anti-Japan propaganda that Japanese people do not like foreigners. We could not feel any racism, rather we could see a young Japanese man running behind us to give a peach fruit. We could not feel any discrimination, but we could see the lady driver of the boat helping us to get the ticket. We could not feel any anti-foreigner attitude, but we could experience the kindness of a boat staff walking with us to ensure that we were going in the correct road. We did not feel any ‘doubt on foreigners’, but we could experience the generosity of Ojii-san and Obaa-san who came with us and helped us to get a taxi.

Author: Jayaprakash

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