Kanji list for JLPT N5 level japanese study

How Many Kanji Do You Need to Learn to Live in Japan?

How many kanji do you need to learn to live in Japan or do you need to enter to Japan? The answer is “No”, you don’t need to know a single kanji to enter or live in Japan. Many expatriates in Japan are often worried…

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Some Commonly Used Aisatsu Words in Formal and Business Japanese

Japanese people use many formal words of greeting that are known as aisatsu (あいさつ). Many of my colleagues use aisatsu words extensively during their conversation (at office). We can hear the formal greeting words in everyday life anywhere in Japan. You might be familiar with…

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The Kanji for Cheap and Safety 安

“Kanji” plays one of the major roles in Japanese language and in the everyday life of Japanese people. For almost all foreigners, except those from China, learning Kanji is like cracking a coconut without any tools. Japanese people spend years to learn the Kanji as…

Japanese kanji for sun and day

Kanji for Sun and Day

The Kanji for Sun and Day are same. This Kanji is one of the most used Kanji in daily life by Japanese people. The Kanji for Sun and Day simple and easy to remember. A day starts with the sun. This Kanji is used in…

Japanese Kanjis for Colors

Japan has four seasons. The color of the landscape changes along with the season. Autumn is a mix of Red, Brown, Grey, Green, Yellow, Purple etc. Winter has a White color, while Spring brings again a mix of colors of Pink, Yellow, Red, and Purple….

Grouping of Kanji by Shape, Will it Help?

I have been attempting to arrange and group the 常用漢字 (JOUOU Kanji) according to their shape, structure etc. Some of my friends described this exercise as cumbersome. They asked if there is any logic behind doing this. Japanese children learn Kanji by writing them repeatedly….