What is the Price of Strawberry Jam in Japan?

Strawberry is called いちご (ichigo) in Japanese language. Originally from North America, there are more than 312 varities of strawberries in Japan. Japanese strawberries are sweet and can be eaten raw. During the spring season, many farm-owners open their farms for ‘strawberry picking’, where people can eat as many strawberries as possible inside the farm.

Kanpy Strawberry jam top view

What is the price of strawberry jam in Japan? We used to buy strawberry jam to make sandwich for breakfast. The price of strawberry jam depend on the brand and the shop. One of the commonly available stawberry jams, “Kanpy” at shopping malls costs around 500 Yen for 780 grams. Kanpy strawberry jam spread could be the most popular jam in Japan as I have seen this brand in almost all shopping malls.

The Sunny mall in Nishi Kasai sells a pack of 780 grams Kanpy Strawberry jam at a price of JPY430 (JPY 464 inluding tax). Probably there could be some discount sale at Sunny mall. The same brand and quantity is sold in Rakuten at a price of US dollars 7.68. Converting this to Japanese yen at the current conversion rate, it would be around JPY 983, which is more than double the price at Sunny mall.

In short, the price of strawberry jam in Japan is around JPY 60 per 100 grams.

Kanpy Strawberry jam in Japan カンピ―いちごジャム


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