A Walk with the stars at Roppongi

There were stars in Roppongi much more than that were on the sky. The beautiful part of Tokyo, the dream of night life at Tokyo – Roppongi – excited and electrified life of Tokyo attracted foreigners living in Japan. The stars on the earth at Roppongi were going so up and up that the heavenly stars got jealous of them.

Roppongi was the center or activity in Tokyo. Roppongi was in heaven. Rich men at Roppongi were Gods of wealth. They created wealth, enjoyed the best of the world and lived to the fullest meaning of life.

Everything is a big ‘Was’. Today Roppongi is silent. The Mori building, one of the attractive skyscraper of Tokyo stood in the December cold virtually shivered this season. We could not see any charm what is described in many internet sites about Roppongi. The reason is we were late comers to see what Roppongi is.

‘The Lehman brothers’ welcomed us to the Mori building. There was a Christmas decoration at the front of the building. Inside just at the entrance, there is a model of Roppongi hills. Japanese people paused for photographs in front of the model Roppongi hills with their kids.

Life at Roppongi is at a pause it seems. We were hoping to see Japanese celebrities making their choices at Roppongi. The economic recession has created a big havoc to the heavenly life at Roppongi.

The economic disaster of this millennium started at United States and spread into Europe and Japan. The victims at Japan will not be limited to Roppongi night bars only. It is going to be a devastating figure of damage to the society as a whole.

The scene is much visible and distinguishable at Roppongi than anywhere in Japan. This was by a shop owner at Roppongi. His shop never displayed price as it was mostly decided by the demand.

There were Japanese beauties coming from different corners of Tokyo to enjoy the life at Roppongi. The European and US brothers left Roppongi and there is not much remaining for excitement. The wealth was created and destroyed at Roppongi itself.

Owners of unlimited wealth made the Roppongi a heaven. Still it is, but with less charm. It is known here that Roppongi is the place where J-girls look for foreign friends, mainly Europeans or Americans/Australians. Many of them turn into fruitful relationships.

It is December winter and Roppongi is still. Coming out of Roppongi hills, I could see many stars on the sky.


Author: Jayaprakash

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