Continuing Agonies of Kumamoto

The God Kashima let the Namazu move and thrash the Kumamoto prefecture. As we were watching NHK News on Saturday morning that showed devastated landscapes, fresh alerts of aftershocks started appearing on the screen. This time, Namazu’s chosen playground was in Kyushu islands. Scores of people have been buried alive by Namazu’s foul-play. Scores of people were feared buried alive after two powerful quakes hit Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu that killed at least 37 people (officially).

To add more pain to the wounds a storm is also forecasted in the region. Seismologists predict an eastward movement of the tectonic activities injecting fears in the minds of people living in the Kansai and Kanto regions. Kumamoto earthquake is the biggest in the history of earthquakes in Japan after the Great-East Japan earthquake in 2011. Though there were drills and training to face an impending earthquake given by the school, we did once again insist our kids to be mentally strong to stand in times of difficulties.

Kumamoto is in real trouble now. NHK footages of the collapsed buildings, eroded valleys of Mount Aso and people on shelter houses show only a glimpse of the biggest disaster in the country after 2011. Rain with strong wind has also started in the area threatening the rescue operations. Japan Meteorological Agency said the quake, which struck at 1:25 a.m. Saturday in Kumamoto Prefecture had a magnitude of 7.3 in Richter scale and was originated at a depth of 12 kilometers.

The God Kashima Controls Namazu
The God Kashima Controls Namazu

Reporters of NHK News and News 24 channels have been trying their best to cover the disaster-hit areas. Houses, roads, and railway lines were swept away when huge hillsides collapsed and tons of mud was dislodged by the tremors. Buildings were reduced to rubble taking dozens of lives unaccounted for over a wide area. Some villages in the valleys of Kumamoto were completely cut off by landslides and damage to roads. The NHK news said that at least 1,000 people believed trapped in one of such isolated areas.

The possibility of an eruption of the nearby volcano is adding to the worries and was discussed in the channel. Mount Aso in Kumamoto prefecture is the largest active volcano in Japan. There is one nuclear power plant located in the southwest direction of the epicenter of Saturday’s quake but was unaffected so far.

The demons are restless and hungry. What people can do is to pray to Gods to control these demons. The Japanese myth says the cause of earthquakes is the giant catfish Namazu that lives in the underground. Namazu is one of the monster creatures of Japanese mythology and folklore that brings misfortune or disasters. Namazu moves his tail and shakes the entire earth. Namazu loves to play with his tail and cause trouble to bring disasters. The God Kashima can only control Namazu’s evil doings. People living on the earth are indebted to the God Kashima as he keeps the earth’s surface from moving. Unfortunately, Kashima gets tired sometimes or gets distracted from his duty. By taking this opportunity, Namazu moves a bit and his movements cause the tremors.

Even now the aftershocks are continuing in Kumamoto and its surroundings. If the Gods do not act in time to control the demon, his movements will get transferred to other parts of the country.

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