Indian International School in Japan – IISJ Morishita, Tokyo

For almost eight months from now, I have been thinking of writing about the Indian International School Japan, having their campuses at Morishita and Yokohama. On March 2009 I went to Indian school to inquire on the admission procedures for my elder daughter. After talking to the staff at the school office, I got the opportunity to talk to Mrs. Nirmal Jain, The Director of the Indian international school Japan.

Indian international school Japan is popularly known as IISJ in Japan. It is located in Morishita, in Koto-ku ward of Tokyo prefecture. There are two Indian international schools in Japan. The second one is Global Indian School, the campus of which is at Mizue.

It is a great service being done by Indian international school Japan authorities, especially by Mrs. Jain at Japan for the Indian community. Some years before, for Indian people living in Japan with family and kids, education was a major problem. I came to know from friends that their kids go to other international schools in Tokyo. For Indians, curriculum based on Indian syllabus is important as most of the Indians are here for a short stay.

When I met Mrs. Jain I conveyed my admiration towards the service they do to the Indian community in Japan. Far away from India, giving children an atmosphere of International curriculum yet based on Indian values and syllabus is not a simple thing. That is one of the objectives of Indian international school in Japan. To make the coming generations of Indians living in Tokyo global citizens, it is a must to impart values and habits suitable to live in an international community, also by keeping traditional Indian values and customs.

The positive attitude and values Mrs. Jain keeps to impart knowledge to the new generations is impressive. Indian International school in Japan is a co-educational institution that is affiliated to the CBSE (Central board of secondary education, New Delhi, India. Interestingly, there are students belonging to other countries also studying in IISJ, Morishita. Recently, some of the Japanese parents have been attracted to the Indian curriculum.

The development of mathematics in India is amazing. Though India still bear the images of a poor country with almost half of the population under darkness of illiteracy and lower living standards, the mathematics has got a place in Indian society. Indian vedic mathematics is an amazing product of India with which complex arithmetic calculation becomes too simple, that does not need a calculator.

I have learned some basic vedic mathematics from a teacher when I was in India and when I showed the easy way of calculating complex numbers to some of my Japanese colleagues, they were astonished virtually. On my last trip to India, some of my colleagues had requested to bring vedic mathematics books.

Due to the popularity of Indian mathematics and the English language medium of education, Indian schools have students from other countries including Japan. My daughter is studying in the upper kindergarten. Indian International School in Japan has got trained and qualified teachers.

For more information, please visit the official site of Indian International School in Japan – IISJ

Edited on May 30, 2020: A video taken on the sports day can be seen here

Author: Jayaprakash

9 thoughts on “Indian International School in Japan – IISJ Morishita, Tokyo

  1. Hope the concerns raised by some of the parents are solved now. Indeed, an school like IISJ is not a simple thing for Indians in Tokyo. The facilities can be added over a period of time. The effort and motivation Mrs. Jain keeps to run this school is admirable. This was my point of discussion. It is part of responsibility of parents too to look into the facilities the school must be equipped with. I think, running an Indian school in Tokyo like IISJ is to the interest of all Indian parents than only to Mrs. Jain. As the anonymous has posted that all the class rooms are installed with air conditioners, let us hope further improvements to provide quality and comfortable education based on Indian curriculum in Tokyo.

  2. Hi,

    I am moving to Japan in October and planning to put my kid in IISJ. Can you please let me know how is the school/ education/ care taken by teachers/ how is the heating in winter?
    Are kids doing good and happy?

  3. Hi, im a proud eighth grader from IISJ , its is really hard 2 hear anythiing bad about my school,@Papathi…Mrs. Jain has promised to set up heating systems in all clases by the end of October 2010!!!!i think you didnt know that and by the way principal and the students arnt same!! shes the principal and so she deserves to sit in the cozy room!! She does a lot for us n so we are very thankful to her!!IISJ is like our second home!!We get all the love and affection like mothers from our teachers!!And they are always concerned by our health so they allow us to wear our blazer in class and also advices us in keeping well !! Im proud to be an IISJIAN!so anybody wanting to join IISJ come and be a part of our large IISJ family

  4. I'm a returning Japanese national and I am considering sending my kids to IISJ.

    But, I'm rather shocked to hear about the state of heating. I hope that the other facilities, such as labs are well maintained.

    I would like to find out more about the school atmosphere. Are kids happy?

    Concerned parent

  5. I have been to the new School campus in Ojima today and saw many students are struggling to cope up with the cold. A boy was literally crying to go home as he was unable to bare the cold. The school is not at all equipped with any kind of Air-Conditioning system which is an essential facility to be provided.

    Also…saw a few things…

    1. The director of the school was comfortably sitting in a well air-conditioned room.

    2. Most of the teachers are moving around with their winter jackets during school hours.

    3. Children were shivering in the cold.

    Hope the school management considers this…!!? and I think providing the normal living condition is a must for ANY public organisation like a school…(??)

  6. Hi Jay, The new campus for Indian International School in Japan, IISJ, will be at Nishi Ojima, I heard. I haven't seen the new campus, but heard from friends that the new campus is more spacious and it is really an school. At present the school at Morishita is on a rented building, which looks almost like an apartment.

    The new school campus will give the atmosphere of a real school in Japan for our Indian children. I also hope this will attract more Japanese as well as foreign students.

    I think, it is near to your place Higashi Ojima. It will be easier for your daughter to attend the school then. I am not sure from when they will transfer the operation. There are considerable number of Indian families near and around Nishi-Ojima, Ojima, Higashi-Ojima, Nishi-Kasai, Funabori etc. It will be convenient for Indian people to have the Indian international school near to their apartments.

    Have a nice day!

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