O-Hanami Party in Komatsugawa Park with Friends

At around 5 in the evening, we returned home from the nearby Komatsugawa park after an almost 3 hours long Hanami party with friends. Today we had a pleasant O-Hanami party and socialization with around 80 friends. A short break was necessary to re-energize the physical body and therefore, decided to take a nap. We could not extend that nap more than 20 minutes. The feeling that within an hour or so, the day will hide in darkness urged us to wake up and walk to the park. The drive was so powerful to lead our steps to the park where one thousand Sakura trees attired in their latest collection of spring kimono. Variations in pink and white, Sakura flowers literally mesmerized the Komatsugawa park and its visitors today. Today morning was the perfect time to relish the beauty of Cherry blossom.

The mischievous wind was strong on the road that ran parallel to the Arakawa river. It wafted through the trees callously and snatched adorable Sakura flowers. We heard two Japanese children scolding the wind for its ruthlessness and appealed to stop its foul play. Our children were busy in collecting Sakura flowers that were fallen on the ground. They posed for photos with fully bloomed Sakura trees at the background. Though tired, the concern that from tomorrow the wind and rain may cart off that miraculously woven wardrobes of blossom-princess, Konohanasakuya-hime was our motivation to continue the walk. In Japanese mythology, Konohanasakuya-hime木花咲耶姫 also known as Konohananosakuya-hime 木花開耶姫 is the daughter of the mountain God Ohoyamatsumi and the princess of blossom. She is also a symbol of delicate earthly life.


Komatsugawa park has one thousand Sakura trees and attracts many visitors from neighboring places, especially during the Hanami-season. In Tokyo, the Komatsugawa park is well known for its presence of Senpon sakura trees. Senpon Sakura means “One thousand Sakura trees”. The Sakura trees along the road adjacent and parallel to the Arakawa river and in the park present an ideal spot for conducting O-hanami parties. There are three Toilet areas spread at three different directions and a parking space that accommodates up to 97 cars. Mostly people use public transportation such as train and bus to reach to the park.

The park is surrounded by apartments in east, west and north sides with the Arakawa river in the south side. The park provides space for recreation activities to the people living in the nearby apartments. People come from neighboring places to the park in the evening to avail the facilities for sports, playground for children. The park has been a meeting place for many of us living in the Ojima and Higashi Ojima area in the weekends.

We walked around the park imbibing the beauty of Sakura flowers and by completing one round it was time to flock back to our nest. The presence of a herniated disc at the lower lumbar spine and more over the cold wind from the riverside compelled me to go home. The spirit was tireless, wishing to spend more time with nature. Children too were not ready to go back home and were unresponsive to our appeal.

The day was retiring, transferring its possessions in the earth and heaven to the night. As we walked away from the park, the clouds in the sky and the clouds of Sakura flowers in park resembled in many ways from that distance. The clouds are evanescent. They appear in the sky, take different forms, move and then disappear, but bring joy to the observer. Sakura flowers too are short-living beauties. They bloom and disappear to give way to the next season and leave sweet memories in our mind. Sakura blossom reminds us the ephemeral nature of life, but contrary to the metaphysical agony, they bring joy all over. Sakura flowers bring tireless spirit, enthusiasm, and hope. That is the reason we await this season and rejoice to appreciate every petal of this nature’s marvel – Sakura!

Author: Jayaprakash

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