OVTA – Overseas Vocational Training Association

Our Nihongo lessons started on the middle of Feb 2008, just 17 days after my landing in Japan. I know only ‘Ohayo gozaimasu’ and rest everything was in English.

Company arranged the classes in OVTA – Overseas Vocational Training Association at Kahin Makuhari. My Indonesian friend Mustain-san was my guide in Tokyo. We started for our first lessons on a Saturday early morning from Kiba. We were told how to get into OVTA by train from Kiba. As per plan, we reached Nishi Funabashi and were confused how to go. Finally with the help of company colleagues we reached this building. From Kahin makuhari station we can see OVTA building at a distance of around 8 minutes walking from the station.

(When you bring staff from overseas for training, we back you up to the hilt)

This slogan says when Japanese companies bring staff from overseas, OVTA will support Japanese companies by giving skill training for foreign staff.

OVTA is doing a great job in training foreign staff in Japan for the desired skill to work in Japanese companies. Our objective at OVTA was learning Japanese language. OVTA have experienced teachers who are skilled to impart knowledge not only limited to language but the Japanese culture also, which is important to grasp any language for foreigners.

Learning Japanese at a beginners level was a good experience for all of us. We never felt that we are attending a Japanese language learning program. That was the magic approach of Japanese teachers at OVTA.


Author: Jayaprakash

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