Solar Eclipse in Tokyo – A Rare Celestial Meeting

From our balcony, it was clearly visible – the celestial meeting that occurred after 173 years in Tokyo – the solar eclipse. For kids, it was a wonderful experience they were happy as if the sun, moon and earth came out of their textbooks.

It seems that many people in Japan prepared themselves to watch this rare eclipse, that started early in the morning. As per newspaper reports it started at 6 in the morning, but the moon’s travel into sun’s center started at around 7:29 AM.

The sky was cloudy, but the sun was bright and powerful as usual as in a summer morning. After 7’O clock shadows of clouds started becoming darker giving a feeling that it might rain at any moment. We woke children up from sleeping to show the rare celestial event. The school had announced two hours late opening, but Japanese schools were working as usual.

People started gathering in the park, some with special viewing spectacles and some with camera and telescope. The view of sun and moon was very clear to us and hence we stayed at home.

We took some photos and could record the video of the solar eclipse. We could enjoy telling children the science behind the solar eclipse. The sky was like a practical laboratory. Almost 90% of the sun was covered by the moon.

solar_eclipse_in_japan Solar eclipse centerSolar eclipse end

You can watch the video here:


Years ago, during our childhood, elder people used to tell folklores based on myths about the solar eclipse. There were mysterious stories powerful enough to keep us away from looking at the sun or even go out of the home during the eclipse.

We were told not to look at the sun during the eclipse as its harmful rays will destroy the eyes. Also, we should not cook or eat any food since the harmful rays will affect the food. We were guided to look at the reflected image of the sun in a cow-dung mixed water. There might be truth mixed with superstitions.

Sun has been divine, God to many, the mightiest thing in the known universe for generations. In Indian mythology, Sun is worshiped as the protector, self-existing and who is the basis of all life. Sun is the energizer, who gives happiness and purifies all.

We took the opportunity to share our childhood experiences and myths associated with solar eclipse with children. We have shared some good photos in facebook.

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