When the Glaciers Melt and Volcanoes Turn Ice Skating Resorts

There is one more snow fall out of the windows in front of me. Rarely, we open these windows during winter season. Occasion like snow fall are precious for us and we like to snapshot them in cherished memories. This is the fourth day in this winter season that we are lucky (!) to get snow. Compared to the previous years, snow fall in Tokyo this year is high this year.

This year’s winter is the coldest one I have ever experienced with more snow falls. The climate world over is changing unpredictably and this was one of the hot subject of debate when leaders met at Copenhagen on January to discuss and outline carbon emission regulations. That was a failed climate conference. The depressing fact of the climate change is that it is a universal phenomenon. Those responsible and not responsible for more carbon emission to the environment will equally share the burdens of climate change.

Copenhagen has not given anything hopeful to us that our national leaders in the recent future will be able to find a common chord to start a reverse process for the climate change. Reminding the biblical predictions we hear the variations in the weather predictions world over. The Vancouver winter Olympics was interestingly highlighted by the media with the absence of snow! Deserts starts getting more rain, migration of tropical sea creatures towards the poles are now the subjects of talk in coffee shops.

When I visited Indonesia, it was supposed to be a rainy season in the typical tropical area. When enquired to Indonesian friends the reply was pointing to the recent shift of the climate due to global warming. It was hot and the temperature was around 40 degree C. Recollecting own experience, I have also noticed the drastic climate change happened in Kerala, a southern state of India. We used to comfortably enjoy the cool climate of the green state of India during our childhood with the temperature moderates at 24 to 30 degree C throughout the year. During the 1990s we started hearing about the upward shift of the maximum temperature and now it reaches during summer at 40 deg C that reminds me of Indonesia’s climate now.
Human migration happened in the same way as the insects move from the unfavorable climate to the more favorable climate. It is the survival of the fittest theory that forces all the living things. When the desert becomes forest and when the forest becomes desert and the snow fall turns into fire of the desert, creatures also have to shift their habitats. When I talked to some people from Maldives at Trivandrum some years before, they shared similar concerns of migration at a near future to a nearby friendly country due to the rising sea water. Maldives will be one of first few island nations that will suffer the serious consequences of green house effect.

The reason for more snow during this winter may not be due to the climatic change or it may be due to the heavy snow at the northern hemisphere. Recently Japan has also concerns of virus and bacteria migration from the tropical countries as the climate at the tropical countries turn hostile to those viruses and bacteria.

Copenhagen was the graveyard of Kyoto protocol. More glaciers will melt in the coming years and the sea will gulp more island nations. Those who live at the top of the mountains think they are safe and laugh at those living down. They don’t know that ice at their bottom is melting. This happens at a time when the volcanoes turn ice skating resorts!

It is still snowing outside!


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