White pebbles shower from the heaven- snow fall in Tokyo!

My fingers are still stiff as I just returned from the Komatsugawa park and starts writing these words. The snow has literally covered Higashi Ojima! Now the time is 12:15 a.m. on 2nd February and I may not sleep without writing this post. I could not resist myself taking a forty minute walking on the snow before writing this post. Events like snow fall are rare and must be enjoyed to its fullest in our own way.
At first, I thought of writing here only few words like “The snow fall history repeats in Tokyo, again the snow is falling”. On February 1st 2010, as predicted by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the snow fall started at around 6:15 PM in Tokyo.
It was on 2nd February, 2008, I could see the first snow fall in the life. Last year on February 1st, the snow fall repeated. That was the only one snow fall happened in Tokyo during 2009. The precipitation was not so strong that the snow could not form a layer on the ground. The first snow fall on 2008 was impressive.
Today the snow fall is heavy in Tokyo. This is the third snow fall since February 2nd 2008. This time kids could enjoy the snow fall. In fact they were waiting for me to join after the office hours. The snow fall was predicted through out the night till morning tomorrow. Now itself we could see the ice layers formed on the Komatsugawa park and the nearby buildings. The photos taken today night may not be clear and we are waiting for tomorrow morning to take more clear photos.

The outside temperature is 1 degree Celsius and I recollected the reason for snow fall, which Suzuki-san explained me last year. The snow falls when the air temperature near the ground dips below freezing point. It is like the white cotton balls falling from heaven.

The humidity is 96% and the wind speed is just 3 kilometer per hour. The weather forecast shows Tokyo and surrounding areas like Yokohama, Hachi Oji, Kimitsu, Fujisawa, Narashino, Chiba, Saitama, Ebina etc are also witnessing the similar snow fall today. It may be almost once in a year phenomenon in Tokyo. Even though the temperature dips down to zero and reaches minus two or three at some occasions, the snow fall is rare in Tokyo. I have heard from friends that snow fall often occurs in the near by northern prefectures of Tokyo.
We could take a short video of snowfall through the window. The ice has started clubbing on the bush tops, roof-tops and on the play grounds, but still the road transportation is not affected. The night view of the snow fall was not clear from our apartment.

If the snow continues falling through out the night, tomorrow morning, it will be a feast for the eyes! The camera is charged and ready for tomorrow’s snaps! Now itself the layer of ice had almost covered the ground and the snow keeps on falling. It is a wonderful experience for us to see snow fall, as we have lived most of our life in tropical part of the earth. Changes in experiences make the life more meaningful.

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