Yesterday was yesterday and Today is today in Japan

I have got more than 15 opportunities to participate in social gatherings of Japanese people including drinking party. Generally as per previous experience at my home country, we will share our good feelings about the last night’s party while meeting at next day morning. At least a word of exchange in the morning while we meet at the work place will be done.

But here in Japan, it is very surprising that nobody discuss about last night’s party. After having the very first party in Japan, the next morning, when I went to office, I expected somebody will ask my feelings about last night’s party. I could see people working as if nothing had happened!

This prompted me to compare the attitude of Japanese people with the people of my country. Both enjoy the party. We share the enjoyable moments by talking about it again. Japanese enjoy while having the party. The past is past and no more! Why to discuss about the past. We have to concentrate on the present.

That is a great ideology, even though Japanese people may do it unconsciously. They really don’t care much what happened in the past. Ofcourse, they learn from the past experience, but try not to repeat the past mistakes.

There may be a connection to the materialistic approach of Japanese people for this attitude. It is good to forget the past as soon as possible, whether it is good or bad. Living at the heart of this moment is important. Live in the past is not a good idea to make progress for individuals and for society.

The Japanese people have that good side of mind to forget the past fast. This is a quality which many of the other societies do not possess. Forgetting may not be a good idea, but not giving much importance to the past is important and this is what Japanese people do with the past.

Past is not in our control and we can not undo it. Whether the happened incident is good or bad, we are unable to change it as it is already done. What we can do and control is at the present. So, do that part of work at present good. Probably Japanese people also remember those good moments of the party, but they don’t want to bother about it much.

Yesterday was yesterday in every country as far as days are concerned, but while dealing with memories, other people may give much importance to what happened in the past. Japanese people are little bit different in dealing with the past and present.

That is why I gave this caption to this post ‘Yesterday was yesterday and Today is today in Japan’!


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