How does a Machine Parking System Work in Japan

Japan has a unique problem of lack of space especially in crowded cities of Japan like Tokyo. The parking fee is very high due to this reason. and the apartments have limited space for car parking. All residents may not get a parking lot due to this reason.

Since the space is limited, apartments make use of automated stack car parking systems. At first, the automated parking system may be difficult due to the constrained space, but once learned, it is super easy and convenient. In this video, you can see the reverse car parking in an automated stack car parking lot. This video was taken in our apartment in Tokyo.

An automated machine parking system takes advantage of a common concept to decrease the area of parking spaces by removing the driver and passengers from the car before it is parked. But in our apartment, we have a stacked parking system that uses a machine. We need to park the car in the right slot. In one sense we can say, we have a semi-automatic machine parking system.

With either a fully automated or semi-automated parking systems, the car is driven up to an entry point to the parking area and the driver and passengers exit the car. The car is then moved automatically or semi-automatically to its parking space. We need to carefully watch and ensure the absence of living things before pressing the confirmation buttons.

The space-saving provided by the machine parking system compared to the multi-story parking garage is derived primarily from a significant reduction in space not directly related to the parking of the car:

Parking space width and depth (and distances between parking spaces are dramatically less and we need extreme care while doing the reverse parking and while taking out the car.

The video below demonstrates the live-action;


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