What are the documents required for Permanent Residency (PR) Application in Japan?

Straight away to the subject matter – What are the document required for PR application in Japan? As a foreigner, you might have done an internet search to know about the documents required to be prepared for your PR application.

By principle, as a foreigner, you may have an ordinary visa which is usually valid for 3 years or you may possess a highly skilled professional (HSP) visa. If you are an ordinary visa holder, you are eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident visa after you have lived in Japan for 10 years

You might have acquired a highly skilled professional (HSP) In the due course of your living in Japan or while coming to Japan itself, you might have got a highly skilled professional visa. If you are a Highly Skilled Professional (HSP), you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency after 3 years from the date you were approved as an HSP. One of the utmost important criteria for approving as HSP is to score 70 points. If you could score 80 points or more during the application itself, you are eligible to apply for PR after one year of acquiring the HSP visa.

documents required for Permanent residency application in Japan

Though I have been in the status of HSP for the past 4 years, I haven’t applied for Permanent Residency. Finally, I made up the mind to prepare for the documents. Some of my friends advised me to do it through a consultant since there are many documents and also some of them need to be prepared in the Japanese language.

I prepared the documents myself with the help of foreign friends who are proficient in the Japanese language. One of my Japanese colleagues agreed to be my guarantor. The Guarantor could be either a Japanese national or a Permanent Resident in Japan.

I have just applied for PR and is now waiting for the result. I have prepared the documents for PR application for my wife and two daughters. Here is the list documents;

S #文書名Document Name
1申請人: (主たる生計維持者)Applicant: (Main Householder)
1.1理由書Reason Letter
1.2永住許可申請書 (写真貼付)Application for Permanent Residency (Photo attached)
1.3経歴要約Career History Summary
1.4住民票Juminhyou (Family Register)
1.5賃貸アパート場所Rental Apartment location in google map
1.6課税証明書 (5年間)Taxation Certificate (last 5 years)
1.7税納税証明書 (5年間)Tax Payment Certificate (last 5 years)
1.8在籍証明書 (人事台帳付け)Employment Certificate (Employment history attached)
1.9給与所得の源泉徴収票Salary-Income Certificate
1.10銀行通帳コピーBank Passbook copy (of last 6 months)
1.11パスポートコピーCopy of Passport
1.12在留カードコピーCopy of Residence card
1.13卒業証明書のコピーGraduation Certificate
1.14日本語能力試験 認定結果及び成績に関する証明書(N2レベル)JLPT N2 Certificate
1.15J-CAT 成績証J-CAT Score Certificate
1.16身元保証に関する資料Documents from Guarantor (PR holder or Japanese)
1.16.a身元保証書Guarantee Form filled and signed/stamped
1.16.b住民票Juminhyou (Family Register)
1.16.c在籍証明書Employment Certificate
1.16.d給与所得の源泉徴収票Salary-Income Certificate
1.16.e課税証明書 (平成31年度) Taxation Certificate (Last year)
1.16.f税納税証明書Tax Payment Certificate (Last year)
2申請人:Applicant: 1st Dependent
2.1永住許可申請書 (写真貼付)Application for Permanent Residency (Photo attached)
2.2結婚証明書Marriage Certificate
2.3課税証明書 (5年間)Taxation Certificate (last 5 years)
2.4パスポートコピーCopy of Passport
2.5在留カードコピーCopy of Residence card
2.6身元保証に関する資料 Documents from Guarantor
2.6.a身元保証書Guarantee Form filled and signed/stamped
2.6.b住民票Juminhyou (Family Register)
2.6.c在籍証明書 コピーEmployment Certificate copy
2.6.d給与所得の源泉徴収票 コピーSalary-Income Certificate
2.6.e課税証明書 (5年間)Taxation Certificate (last 5 years)
2.6.f税納税証明書 (5年間) Tax Payment Certificate (last 5 years)
2.6.gパスポートコピーCopy of Passport
2.6.h在留カードコピーCopy of Residence card
3申請人:Applicant: 2nd Dependent
3.1永住許可申請書Application for Permanent Residency
3.2パスポートコピーCopy of Passport
3.3在留カードコピーCopy of Residence card
3.4出生証明書Birth Certificate
3.5身元保証に関する資料 Documents from Guarantor
3.5.a身元保証書Guarantee Form filled and signed/stamped
3.5.b在籍証明書 コピーEmployment Certificate copy
3.5.c給与所得の源泉徴収票 コピーSalary-Income Certificate
3.5.dパスポートコピーCopy of Passport
3.5.e在留カードコピーCopy of Residence card
4申請人:Applicant: 3rd Dependent
4.1永住許可申請書Application for Permanent Residency
4.2パスポートコピーCopy of Passport
4.3在留カードコピーCopy of Residence card
4.4出生証明書 Birth Certificate
4.5身元保証に関する資料 Documents from Guarantor
4.5.a身元保証書Guarantee Form filled and signed/stamped
4.5.b在籍証明書 コピーEmployment Certificate copy
4.5.c給与所得の源泉徴収票 コピーSalary-Income Certificate
4.5.dパスポートコピーCopy of Passport
4.5.e在留カードコピーCopy of Residence card

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  1. Hi Jayaprakash,
    Thank you for the useful information.
    How long did it take you to get the final decision on your PR application?
    Did you get any request from the immigration office to submit additional documents during the evaluation process?
    If so, how long did it take to get the final decision after submitting the additional documents? Thank you in advance for your reply.

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