What are the Documents Required to Apply for a JKK Apartment?

I have been preparing the documents that are necessary to make an application to move to JKK apartment. Living in a UR Apartment in Komatsugawa for the past five years, we felt the need to move a little larger size apartment. One month before I had a talk with Sakuma-san, who had introduced the current UR Apartment five years ago. Sakuma-san runs his own real-estate agency.

For selling and buying property in Japan, we need to approach a real estate agent. Only registered real estate agents are authorized to this transaction. Sakuma-san possesses good knowledge about the properties that are vacant and ready for occupancy. He is a calm and quiet guy with a pleasant face. His polite nature is a tradeoff for his lack of fluency in English to deal with expatriate community living in Komatsugawa.

He showed us a vacant apartment, which is 3SLDK size with an 88.82sqm area. The apartment is south-faced, which is considered as auspicious by Japanese people. “Minamimukhi” is the term they use for such houses. Our current apartment is also Minamimukhi. The apartment is designed to have two western style bedrooms (wooden floor) and one Japanese style bedroom (Tatami floor), a living room with a size of 17sqm and a service room having an area of 2.8sqm. The kitchen is separate from the living room. A larger living room and the spacious entrance met our expectations.

Our decision to select the apartment was quick and requested Sakuma-san to proceed with the application. Within two days of online application, we received a big envelope containing documents that are required to be filled-up and Setsumeisho (explanation leaflets and sample application forms).

Before listing out the documents, let me say that you need a guarantor, who does not live in a JKK apartment. The guarantor needs to write his/her name and address and also stamp some of the documents. He/she shall also prepare the Seal Registration Certificate 印鑑登録証明書 (いんかんとうろくしょうめいしょ)

List of documents required when applying for a JKK apartment in Japan

Here is the list of documents that I received from JKK and prepared from my side;

Documents Received from JKK Office
1. House Leasing Agreement (住宅賃貸借契約書 じゅうたくちんたいしゃくけいやくしょ- 2 Nos Original. Applicant needs to write Address, full name as per the Zairyo card and stamp. Guarantor shall also write his/her name, address, and stamp.
2. Confirmation sheet for Current Appearance Status Contract 現状有姿契約に関する確認書
3. 覚書 Memorandum in which the applicant and the guarantor write their name and put stamp.
4. 公社有り駐車所場使用申込書 Application for the use of Parking lot for the public
5. お友達紹介フェア (紹介票)Friend Introduction fair (Introduction slip): JKK campaign includes a payment of 10,000 Yen to a friend living in JKK apartment. If the JKK apartment is introduced to you by your friend, JKK will pay him 10,000 Yen! I filled up the form
6. 情報登録カード Information Registration card, where one need to write personal particulars of the applicant and the guarantor.

Prepared by me
1. Tax Withholding slip of Previous Year’s Total Salary: I had to submit for the year 2017, that is Heisei 29. 平成29年分 給与所得の源泉徴収票This is a kind of salary slip issued by your company stating the amount of tax paid to the authorities. Usually, Japanese companies issue this slip at the beginning of a year, which they attach with the salary slip. If not available, a Taxation Certificate 課税証明書 (かぜいしょうめいしょKazei shoumeisho) should also do the job. Confirm with your real estate agent.

2. Residence Certificate 住民票 (じゅうみんひょう Juuminhyou) issued by the ward office.
3. Seal Registration Certificate 印鑑登録証明書 (いんかんとうろくしょうめいしょ inkan tourokushoumeisho). Inkan shoumeisho can be obtained from either from the ward office or from the nearest convenience store
3.1 My own Seal registration certificate (original)
3.2 Guarantor’s Seal registration certificate. If the guarantor is your friend, ask him to give this seal registration certificate (original).
4. Copy of Vehicle Inspection Certificate (車検書 shakensho). This is required if you want parking space also to be moved to the same JKK building.

Useful Link: JKK東京<東京都住宅供給公社>JKK Tokyo <Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Corporation>


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