Close View of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome

We had been wishing to go to Hiroshima ever since we had landed in Japan. Finally, we made the trip to Hiroshima on 11 August 2019. It was one of our most memorable trips in Japan.

We all might have learned about Hiroshima Atomic bombing and the destruction happened in the second world war.  The Hiroshima Peace Memorial was originally the Hiroshima Prefecture’s Industrial Promotion Hall. The first atomic bomb in history was exploded above this building. It is now known as Atomic bomb dome or in Japanese as Genbaku Dome, or A-Bomb Dome.

Atomic bomb dome is part of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan. During our trip, we had a visit to both the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace memorial museum. UNESCO has designated this site as one of the World Heritage Sites in 1996. Approximately 140,000 lives were erased by the bomb and the ruins of the hall serve as a memorial to those people who were killed in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945.

Watch this video for a close view of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome;


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