Satkar Indian Restaurant in Minami Suna Near Toyocho Station

On the way back home I took today’s dinner from an Indian restaurant in Minami Suna, which is near to the Toyocho station and the Koto driving license test center. Usually, I take a route through Kiba Koen for walking after office hours. I Thought of trying this new restaurant on the way just for a change. The restaurant was almost empty at 7:20 p.m. There was a Japanese lady at one corner and I was the second customer.

I have seen this restaurant while passing on the car and have wondered who would be customers since the restaurant is little far away from stations, offices, and other shops. Getting casual customers would be difficult to such areas. I have heard from those friends who are into restaurant business that the location of the restaurant makes a big difference in the revenue. This is another reason for my entry to the Satkar Indian Restaurant & Bar at Toyocho.

My intention was to take a parcel for kids. Ordered to pack one Butter chicken curry and 4 pieces of Chicken Kebab. As they would take time for the preparation and I needed to wait, ordered a plate of chicken Tikka. At first, I was a bit hesitant to order since the Chicken Tikka was priced 800 Yen for 4 pieces. I didn’t want to fill my stomach with chicken. It would spoil the purpose walking but finally ended up ordering the full plate of 4 pieces.

While waiting for the food, I saw three menus on the table; one for the lunch, one for the dinner and the third one for drinks. Indian, Nepali, and Pakistani foods are available at Satkar Indian Restaurant & Bar. All three menus are systematically arranged so that customers can choose items without looking here and there. Photos of dishes are neatly arranged inside the menus.

To my surprise, the sizes of each piece of chicken tikka were large. As I started tasting the tikka, realized that two pieces were enough for me. I called the staff and requested him to pack two pieces. By this time a group of four Japanese customers also entered and sat near to my table. The chicken tikka was really tasty and was worth for the price.

The restaurant offers a membership card. Customers will get one point per visit and if 15 points are accumulated, they can claim a simple lunch item. If customers intend to use this point at dinner time, they can get 1000 Yen discount on their bill. Though the restaurant is not located in a prime business area, it seems there are regular customers to this restaurant. There are residential apartments nearby and that could be one major source for regular customers.

The address of the restaurant is 136-0076、東京都江東区南砂2ー2ー16、東陽町グリーンハイツ301

Tel: 03-5632-8485


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