Calling and Booking a Taxi Using JapanTaxi Application

JapanTaxi株式会社, Japan Taxi Company Limited has introduced a new feature to attract more users to its application. Suggest a friend and get a JPY 1,000 coupon added to your account. With approximately 70,000 taxis covering all 47 prefectures of Japan, JapanTaxi is one of best taxi app that can be used when you are in Japan.

Expatriates often face difficulty to call a taxi and explain travel details to drivers in Japan. Most of the Japanese drivers communicate only in the Japanese language. During initial days of settling in Japan, we had faced trouble in calling a taxi and had to depend on friends.

The new application from Japan Taxi aims to reduce the difficulties of foreigners to book the taxi by phone by introducing an App in English. One of my friends forwarded a link to download the app, with a coupon code. By clicking it, I downloaded the application and set up the account.

If you set up your credit card information on the app, you don’t need to carry cash. The application allows you to tap to call a taxi, make a reservation or find your fare instantly. Some users have complained that the fare shown in the app and actual fare are different.

To Call a Taxi Using the App
Select your pickup location on the app to request a taxi. You can customize your order by selecting a drop-off location, type of car and payment method. You can even order multiple numbers of taxis if required. When your order matches a nearby taxi, it will give you an estimated time of arrival.

Making Reservation
If your travel plans are fixed in advance, you can place an order in advance by selecting the date and time. All you need to do is just follow the same steps as “Call a Taxi.”

Know the Fare in Advance
Go to Calculate Fare and enter pick-up and drop-off locations. It will show you an estimated fare and travel time. The actual fare will vary depending on traffic, road conditions and the route taken by the driver. Probably this was the reason some users complained about the difference in fare shown in the app and the actual fare they paid. Fare Calculation is based on the calculated route offered by Google Map Service. Therefore, the actual route may vary.

A Fixed Fare for Airport Travel
Airport fixed-rate service is available to/from selected airports and limited pick-up/drop-off points. Service is available to/from Haneda International Airport, Narita International Airport, New Chitose Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kitakyushu Airport, Aomori Airport, Misawa Airport, Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport. The flat rate taxi service is available in selected cities and the fee may vary by participating taxi company.

JapanTaxi Wallet and Cashless Payment Options
Users can link their payment method to the JapanTaxi account and pay the fare seamlessly. The Online Payment feature accepts credit cards and other online payment services. Payment with Google Pay is available with Google Play Services version 11.4 or newer.

Japan Taxi Company Limited has two more applications such as Driver乗務員アプリ and Kids Taxiキッズタクシー

Useful Link: Download JapanTaxi application: JapanTaxi


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