Mandarin Orange Tree Near Tokyo Skytree

Came across this Mandarin Orange tree at a home in Oshiage, Sumida near Tokyo Skytree. Orange trees are one of the popular garden trees in Japan. Orange fruit is available in almost all seasons in Japan and is one of the widely consumed fruits. The price of Orange fruit varies from season to season and also depends on the location. These type of oranges, known as Mikan (みかん) in Japan are sold in all supermarkets and even in small fruit shops.

It is believed that Mikan or Japanese oranges were brought from China some 400 years ago. Mikan in the west is known as mandarin oranges. Japan is a major mikan producer and is exported in good quantities. Though we can see Mikan trees in many prefectures, Wakayama and Ehime Prefectures are Japan’s top mikan producers.

Author: Jayaprakash

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