Yasukuni Shrine in Kudanshita

I have visited Yasukuni Jinja, a Shinto shrine located in Kudanshita, Tokyo more than 5 times so far. Yasukuni shrine was built in the year 1869 by the order of Emperor Meiji. The name was Shokonsha, which was renamed Yasukuni Jinja ten years later in 1879.

Emperor Meiji dedicated this shriine to those who fought and died for the country. From then onwards Yasukuni Jinja has become one of the most noticeable and popular shrines for the politicians and national leaders. Yasukuni Jinja was established to commemorate and honor the achievements of those who dedicated their precious lives to their country.

Picture of Yasukuni shrine

As of today more than 2.4 million divinities are enshrined at Yasukuni Jinja. Interestingly the soul of R.B Pal, who was an Indian judge at the trial court setup by the alliance forces after World War II is also worshipped in the shrine.

As per traditional Japanese beliefs, respect for the deceased are best expressed by treating the dead in the same manner as if they were alive. Rituals to offer meals and to dedicate words of appreciation to the dead are repeated daily in Yasukuni shrine.

Approximately five million people visit the Yasukuni shrine every year in its function as a central institution for commemorating those who died in wars.

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