Is there any grocery shop selling Tom Yum Kung Cup Noodles in Tokyo?


I am great fan of Tom Yum Kung (Tom yam goong). I know Thai restaurants have it, but I have been looking for grocery shops selling cup noodles of Tom yum kung. Do you know any place? I like cup noodles since the preparation is pretty much easy and simple.

新村 Answered question March 24, 2022

Hello Wong-san, Don Quijote, shortly called ‘Donki’ one of the largest discount stores in Japan has it. Check at your nearest Donki store.

I have seen the noodle packets with the Tom Yum Kung flavor at OK store in Higashi Kasai. I am not sure about the availability in other branches.

Hope this helps

Jayaprakash Answered question March 22, 2022
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